Free Sock Knitting Patterns

April 26th, 2007

I’m just getting into knitting socks, and I’m loving it. I was, as many new knitters are, skeptical at first. Why knit socks? They are easy to buy, come in great colors already, and they actually fit me off the shelf. But once you pick up the slinky yarn and the double-pointed needles….there’s definitely an allure to knitting the tube, turning the heel, finishing the toe. I get it now. People knit socks.

So here are a bunch of free knitting patterns that are all socks. They’re all links directly to the free patterns (no PDFs, just web pages) and they all have pictures of the finished products.

Alpaca Cable Socks

American Flag Socks

Amy’s Toe-Up On Circular Socks (knitted toe-up on circular needles)

Basic Ribbed Socks

Basketweave Socks

Boyfriend Socks

Bunny Hop Socks (caution, not for the faint of heart)

Chevron Lace Socks

Double Knit Two Needle Socks

Diamonds In The Rough Socks

Falling In Love Socks

Falling Leaves Socks

Feather & Fan Lace Socks

George’s Socks (good for handspun wool)

Globetrotter Socks

Goosebump Socks

Happy Socks

Impossible Socks (knit on tiny needles)

Lace Anklet

Lacy Mock Cable Socks

“Little Chippers” Socks (stripes with a racing stripe on the side)

Matt’s Fixation Socks

Men’s Berlin Socks

Milanese Lace Socks

Mock Croc Socks

Monkey Socks (name doesn’t do it justice – very pretty lace and twisted rib)

More Fun Than Cables Socks

Peacock Socks

Picot Eyelet Socks

Pinetree Toe-Up Socks

Pom-Pom Ankle Socks

Queen Of Cups Lace Socks

Quick Knit Eyelet Socks

Quill Lace Socks

Rainy Day Lace Socks

Scallop Cuff Socks

Short Ribs Socks

Sideways Knitted Socks

Split Toe Socks

Sunset Socks (cool slipped stitch pattern)

Texture & Lace Socks

Tweeds Socks

Twin Rib Socks

Vintage Lace Anklets

Zig Zag Socks

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